Karthik Narayanan Mohan

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I graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from
University of Washington, Seattle in 2014
and was advised by Dr. Maryam Fazel.
I also obtained a masters degree in 2013 from the same university.
Long before that, I obtained a dual degree in infrastructure engineering from IIT Madras.
Currently, I am a Machine Learning Scientist with AWS ML.

Prior work and interests

I am broadly interested in bringing scalable ML solutions to concrete problems that address pain points of customers/stake holders.
Some problem spaces I have worked on in the past include deep learning models for recommender systems,
diverse recommendation carousels for increasing product selection, time-series anamoly detection and
feature hashing for scaling neural networks.
I have also worked on techniques for dimensionality reduction in the context of similarity search and feature selection.


2009 - 2014 - Phd, EE, UW
2011 - Microsoft Research Intern
2015 - 2017 - Research Scientist, Amazon
2016 - ML Lecturer for a 6 weeks course
2017 - ML Lecturer for a 6 weeks course
2017 - Present - Machine Learning Scientist, AWS ML


For a detailed list of publications, please refer to my google scholar profile.


I have recently started writing publicly some code blurbs for small pet projects. You can check some of the code here.


During my Phd, I have had the opportunity to mentor junior grad students and also TA many classes. I feel priviledged to be able to continue the mentoring through teaching Machine Learning courses internally at Amazon. I have designed and taught courses from scratch on Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning and Matrix Factorization and Dimensionality Reduction. On the mentoring front, I have got the opportunity to mentor many SDEs transitioning to the role of scientists and also a few fellow junior scientists.


You can contact me at karthik dot iitm AT gmail Dot com